Review: Mad Men’s Final Episode & The End Of An Era (No Spoilers)

Review: Mad Men’s Final Episode & The End Of An Era (No Spoilers)

(Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here) The end of Mad Men has finally come and gone. The highly anticipated, final episode of the award winning drama from the mind of Matthew Weiner, is now history. No doubt there are still those who have yet to see it. Refusing to view their Twitter feeds or talk to friends who might spoil it for them. It’s been quite a build up over the past year, and for many of us who have enjoyed watching season after season, there’s a genuine sadness to see it go.

So, how did it end? Well, that is up for personal discovery – we’re not going to spoil it for anyone. But we will tell you what we thought of Season 7, episode 14.

It was, expected.

To clarify, Matthew Weiner and crew did just what they’ve done season after season; produced a show that played out like real life; sometimes it goes places you never expected, but always seems to be right in the end.

There were definite times during that last hour, it was hard to believe things could actually be buttoned up before the closing credits. That sentiment was voiced by fans, episodes back. New characters and returning old ones seemed to detract from the time needed to give everyone a proper send off. Which is exactly what we expect most of the time. No doubt there were those who lingered at the shows end, to see if details would flash up on the screen with things like, “Betty Francis ended up living for another year. She died peacefully in her sleep“.

There was no chance for micro-management of characters from Weiner and the writers at AMC. The ten o’clock slotted series was after all, for grown ups. Enough is given in the end to help you figure out what becomes of your favorites. Now mind you, if the show ran for another seven seasons, those stories would probably have taken more twists and turns. This way, viewers get to make up their own “happy” endings if they choose. But for Don, it’s a bit more complicated.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper Final Epsiode

Jon Hamm as Don Draper – ©Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Mad Men was after all, about Don Draper, and Don was complicated. We spent years loving him when he was bad and wishing he’d figure it all out in the end. Who didn’t want him to get back with Birdie and the kids, quit drinking and find happiness in more important things, than the next big account.

But would we have been happy, if it all turned out the way “We” planned.

Like any good story teller, Matthew Weiner keeps you on your toes till the very last minute. You may have found or will find yourself watching the minutes tick down and shouting to the tv, “come on man, what happens to Don!”. Even when the music begins and you know it’s seconds away – still, he’s got you right where he wants you.

Then, it’s over.

And you get it.

The show was about the ad men of Madison Avenue. One very talented (though screwed up) ad man in particular, and “THE” Ad is where it all ends.

You know it’s right.

It’s okay, and the ride was worth it after all.


Photo: ©AMC

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