Tess Comrie Talks ‘Never Sleep Alone’, Singing and Being A Baker of Cakes (Interview)

Tess Comrie Talks ‘Never Sleep Alone’, Singing and Being A Baker of Cakes (Interview)

West Coast DJ and Producer Kaskade (Ryan Raddon), blessed the month of April this year with a cracking new single titled, “Never Sleep Alone”. There’s much to like about it. The LP popping sounds at the songs start, its infectious, synthy ticking beat and those rising crescendos that level off and lift again with perfect timing. Then the lyrics, which he penned himself and the vocal – this flowing, ethereal voice that elevates the entire package to something…well, mesmerizing.

Our next question was obvious; who’s doing the singing on this track?

Our search yielded two outcomes; a singer (duh!) and a baker (huh?). Funny thing is, they’re one in the same. Tess Comrie – the one singing the lyrics on “Never Sleep Alone”, is a singer/songwriter from Utah and a baker – of cakes.

Tess Comrie cake photo

This peaked our interest even more. Especially once we had a listen to more of her music, and a look at those beautiful cakes.

So we reached out and asked Tess to tell us more about the single, singing and her other job as a baker.

DaysTune: Ok Tess, let’s talk “Never Sleep Alone” first. How did your collaboration with Ryan Raddon (Kaskade) come about?
Tess: A local producer I had worked with about a month before, Scott Wiley, called me after work one day to let me know that he recommended me for the part to Ryan and his co-producers. I DaysTune interviews Singer Tess Comirewas hopping on a red-eye to New York that night but they had me come in right after my trip to try it out. I show up to this house and we start recording in the home-studio in a basement theater room. I was there for maybe 2 hours, learning the song and getting the perfect take. It was a really fun day. A few months later I got a call from an unknown number and it was Ryan himself, letting me know they wanted to use my track for song. That was a really great moment.

DaysTune: Tell us about Tess Comrie the singer?
Tess: Hm… there’s a lot I could say here but none of it would be exactly right…. You’d probably have to see a live show to really get a sense for who I am as an artist. Right now my performances include a lot of live vocal looping. But I’d definitely say I’m more than just a singer — I’ve been writing my own music since I was thirteen and I take that process really seriously. I’ve always been most inspired by indie & folk singer-songwriters, though the past couple of years I’ve been heavily influenced by artists like James Blake and Spooky Black.

You can get a taste of Tess’ music, by streaming a small sampling of songs she’s posted on her website Tesscomrie.com – the first being Kaskade’s ‘Never Sleep Alone‘. There are two songs from her Bandcamp page – a cover of Kanye West’s “Only One” and another titled, “Ballad: 1“. Finishing up the list, is a collaboration from a year ago with Bay Area rapper, Marty Grimes.

Her vocal range allows her to move between straight up folk and the unique west coast indie sound, we enjoy on the Kaskade single. “Ballad:1” (which you can listen to below) is a sweet, flowing song that further demonstrates her enchanting vocal delivery.

DaysTune: Your artistry doesn’t end behind the mic. Any Pinterest fan would fall in love with your website le Loup Cakery. Fill us in on Tess, the baker of cakes?
Tess: Baking is something that I sort of just fell into. I’ve always loved good food and unique flavors and developed baking cakes as a skill. I’ve been pretty lucky with how its panned out so far.

Panned out, meaning that her cakes have been photographed and featured in several bridal magazines, blogs and Martha Stewart Weddings. A journey through her le Loup Cakery blog, reveals the same kind of indie-chicness you find in her music. It’s pure artistry, no way around it.

Tess Comrie Interview Cake Photo

DaysTune: Is your passion equal for both?
Tess: While I love baking cakes, I definitely couldn’t say that my passion is equal for both music and baking. Baking has become mostly just a way to make an income and stay afloat. Its a great creative outlet in the sense that its a little bit mindless — I can see the final product and taste all of the components and say “Beyond a doubt, this is good.” Thats something I’ve never been able to do with my own music, because its so subjective and so personal. In that sense, baking satisfies a shallow need for instant gratification. But nothing compares to the way I feel sitting at my piano in a quiet room, when everything else falls away.

tess comrie sings never sleep alone with Kaskade

DaysTune: What’s the feedback so far on the single with Kaskade and what’s next for you in music?
Tess: So far I’ve only received positive feedback from the single, which is a great feeling. At the moment I’m starting work on a personal project and talking with a few different producers. You should see more from me in the next few months.

Her vocal partnership with Kaskade on his latest track “Never Sleep Alone”, is sure to bring more awareness to this Salt Lake City singer. DJ’s and producers in EDM are big on using virtually unknown artists to supply vocals on their songs. A good pairing and a hit song, especially in a genre where music gets played to thousands of fans at one time, can catapult you into a listeners consciousness overnight.

If you haven’t heard it yet, watch the official video for “Never Sleep Alone” by Kaskade, featuring Tess Comrie below. This is one track you should have on your playlist right now and a singer you should keep your eye on.

‘Never Sleep Alone’ by Kaskade (ft. Tess Comrie)

Find out more about Tess Comrie by visiting the links below.


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