Watch The Funny Video ‘Look At Your Phone’ From Barely Political

Watch The Funny Video ‘Look At Your Phone’ From Barely Political

We all know that people spend way to much time on their cellphones. Well the folks over at Barley Political on YouTube, wanted to show us just how bad things have gotten, in a brand new (and way funny) video called, ‘Look At Your Phone’.

Comedian Todd Womack, wrote and directed the video for Barely Political’s series Key of Awesome, which published on their youTube channel May 15th. Womack uses rap and comic scenes to poke fun at just how important the cellphone has become; and not in a good way.

Starting off by pointing out that when he was a kid (born in 1975) only his rich friends parents had a cellphone, now times have changed and everbody “be like” – “look at my phone”.

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The 39 year old spits a decent rap, while using green screen and natural outdoor shots for the under three minute skit. It’s bound to make you more conscious of how much you utilize your phone for daily activities.

Ask yourself this question at the video’s end; at what point would you have let go of your phone?

‘Look At Your Phone’ by Todd Womack (Key of Awesome)

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