Box Office: Jurassic World Debut Makes Global History

Box Office: Jurassic World Debut Makes Global History

There is only one movie that needs to be talked about this week in box office results and that’s, Jurassic World. Critics were shut down again, when moviegoers around the world flocked to the theaters to see the new dino sequel. Universal saw its latest installment in the Juarassic Park franchise make history, when it raked in an astonishing $511.8 million (estimated) on its debut weekend.

Following the same line of San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson, the film has done far beyond original estimates despite getting low marks from critics. A dino-sized stomping at that, with Jurassic World being the first movie to ever cross the $500 million mark in a single weekend.

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As far as those critic reviews, there are certain actors and movies that die-hard fans are not going to simply trust critics on. Sequels to famous franchise films like Jurassic, are going to do good in their opening weekend at least, regardless of reviews. That said, at this point it really wouldn’t matter how the movie does in the weeks ahead, Universal has already won.

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Domestically, Jurassic World pulled in $204.6 million, making it the second largest debut in history. SPY was knocked out of first with a big wallop and the kind of results that we’ve been looking for from Summer blockbusters.

Top 5 Movie Results June 14th, 2015

(Domestic Estimates)
1) Jurassic World – $204,596,380
2) SPY – $16,000,000
3) San Andreas – $11,010,000
4) Insidious 3 – $7,300,000
5) Pitch Perfect2 – $5,969,710

Hopefully, this is the start of a great Summer at the movies.

Data Source: RENTRAK
Photo: ©2015 Universal

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