YouTube: 10,000 Bees On Face (Good Mythical Morning)

YouTube: 10,000 Bees On Face (Good Mythical Morning)

The always interesting and funny guys over at Good Mythical Morning on YouTube, just keep getting better and better. This week the duo wanted to have a back-up plan form of employment, so they went out to see what else they would be good at. The obvious first choice was – Beekeeping.

Which turned into Link getting a 10,000 bee beard.

Good Mythical Morning host visits a bee farm


One of our favorite “Internetainers” on the show, Link (the other being Rhett, Duh!) went the brave route this time around and volunteered his face to get covered by over 10,000 bees. The professional beekeeper Bill, from Bill’s Bees in Southern California, put some special queen scented stickers on his face, to attract the buzzing honey bees. It worked!

Good Mythical Morning Host Rhett Uses Leaf Blower to remove bees

©2015 GMM/YouTube

Links co-host on the show Rhett, of course got the cool job, which involved using a leaf blower.

If you’re not watching Good Mythical Morning (you’re kids probably are), then you should be. Watch one and you’ll be hooked. The duo, who have been friends since the first-grade, have a huge fan base on YouTube that includes 7 million followers and over 1.2 Billion video views; and that’s just on their Good Mythical Morning channel.

Watch all the buzzing action in the video below (Bee Beard starts at the 7:37 mark):

Proving that good clean fun still get’s the laughs, viewers and big name sponsers (this episode was sponsered by Geico) – it won’t be long before these guys are taking over TV.

This week marked the airing of the 700th episode of GMM.

Good Mythical Morning Official

Photo: ©2015 GMM/YouTube


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