One Direction’s Drag Me Down Video Is The Right Stuff!

One Direction’s Drag Me Down Video Is The Right Stuff!

One Direction released a new video for their latest hit, “Drag Me Down” that has all the right stuff and more. The new foursome dropped their latest release without any fanfare recently and it instantly went number one around the globe. This week, the soul-popping single got a NASA inspired music video that makes these guys hard to not love; no matter who you are.

Watch One Direction In “Drag Me Down” Official Video:

Directed by Ben & Gabe Turner – Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall don astronaut uniforms, train for space duties and sing while walking along the tarmac, at the NASA Space Center in Houston in the new video.

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The one obvious note now that the group is minus one, is the fact that it seems easier to follow and take notice of each member. All the guys take their turns belting out their respective parts of the song, as they demonstrate their individual swag. Harry swinging his long hair on dropping beats and Niall stretching out his arms as he looks up to space is just about all these guys need to do to look, cool. Only now, no one is getting lost in the background.

one direction drag me down video

Age is not hurting One Direction, and Drag Me Down is living proof they have what it takes to not just keep making hits, but reach a larger audience as well. The end of the track reminds us again of their amazing harmonizing ability, while Styles vocal play is down right captivating.

It’s time for teen girls to step aside – One Direction just entered a whole new galaxy.

It’s a kick a** single and a cool video that deserves to be our Video of The Week. So, it is.

Drag Me Down is out on iTunes now.

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