Broken Back “Happiest Man On Earth” Video Is Fresh & Fun (New Music)

Broken Back “Happiest Man On Earth” Video Is Fresh & Fun (New Music)

French singer/songwriter Broken Back (Jérôme), released his first official music video this week for his song, “Happiest Man On Earth”. Describing himself as electro/folk, the single comes from his debut EP Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy; which he describes as being – recorded in a student’s room. No professional studio. No additional musicians. 100% homemade production. Broken Back’s fresh sound and unique visual are hard to pass up and you may just find yourself hitting repeat.

If you happened to be one of the few who went to see Zac Efron’s latest film, We Are Your Friends, you may have heard a song by French house duo Klingande – which Broken Back features on. It’s called “RIVA (Restart The Game)” and appears on the films official soundtrack. The young Frenchman has been building a following with previous covers and the debut of his own original music this past Spring.

Watch Broken Back “Happiest Man On Earth” Video Below:

Jérôme came up with his stage name after spending months recovering from a broken back (displaced vertebra) two years ago. The down time got him playing his guitar again and writing songs. Turns out the mishap seems to have given him new direction in pursuing music full time. He describes it as “One of the best opportunities I’ve ever had” in his bio.

Broken Back

French Singer/Songwriter Broken Back. ©2015 Broken Back

He’s no fumbling musician either, having studied classical music, jazz and musical theory in St. Malo, France. If that doesn’t seem enough to make you go “Wow”, how’s completing four years at the top ranking French business school EDHEC, and founding 2 start ups?

But for us it comes down to the music and Broken Back gets our attention with “Happiest Man On Earth” – both musically and visually. Everything about this feels fresh and fun. There’s this subtle calypso essence flowing through the track, which gives it a breezy feel and Jérôme’s vocal is just down right cool.

Take a listen to the rest of Broken Back’s Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy EP above. Who knows, we may just be hearing him here in the US soon. In the meantime the musical journey is worth the trip.

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Photo: ©2015 Broken Back/YouTube


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