What’s The Song On The ‘Legend’ Movie Trailer With Tom Hardy?

What’s The Song On The ‘Legend’ Movie Trailer With Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy is one amazing actor and this October he’s putting his skills to the test, when he plays two roles in one movie. Legend, which tells the story of London’s notorious 60’s crime duo the Kray brothers, stars Hardy as both twins.

Watching the Mad Max star bust heads in the official trailer as two different characters, isn’t the only thing grabbing our attention; there’s also one banging song playing in the background.

The Trailer – ‘Legend’ Starring Tom Hardy:

What’s the song playing in the movie trailer for ‘Legend’ starring Tom Hardy? It’s “I’m So Sorry” by Imagine Dragons.

Legend Trailer Song

Imagine Dragons deliver a blues infused, synthy, thumping track that is perfect for this action packed trailer. The song was the second track dropped from the bands latest full length album, Smoke + Mirrors which released this past June.

The song – from the movie trailer for ‘Legend’ Starring Tom Hardy:


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The movie Legend hits theaters this October 2nd and the album Smoke + Mirrors is out now.


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