What’s The Song On The Apple Watch Commercial With Lake Bell?

What’s The Song On The Apple Watch Commercial With Lake Bell?

Two things get your attention on the new Apple Watch commercial titled ‘Date’; first is sexy actress Lake Bell in her form fitting orange dress and second, the fun song playing along while she dances. Sure the Apple watch is cool and what the TV ad is really all about, but more times than not what we usually come away with is a new song discovery.

So, if you’re here because you want to know, “What’s the song on the Apple watch commercial”?; you’ve come to the right place.

The Commercial – Apple Watch TV Ad ‘Date’, Starring Actress Lake Bell:

The track fits the smiling, dancing Lake Bell perfectly – as she realizes that her little baby is fast asleep at home with the babysitter; all thanks to her trusty Apple Watch.

brenton wood

The song is ‘Oogum Boogum’ by singer/songwriter Brenton Wood (Alfred Jesse Smith), and was one of the only two hits he had, back in 1967. The single ‘Oogum Boogum’ has been used in multiple films and TV shows throughout the years.

The Song – ‘Oogum Boogum’ on Apple Watch Commercial by Brenton Wood:

Brenton Wood is now 74 years old and the good news is, if you like the song you can get it on iTunes (HERE).

Lake Bell and Husband

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American actress Lake Bell appears in the ad for Apple’s Watch with her husband Scott Campbell. Scott is an artist and tattoo artist to the stars. The couple were married in 2013 and had their lovely little baby girl, Nova in 2014.

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