What’s The Song On The ‘Burnt’ Trailer “Give me that fire”

What’s The Song On The ‘Burnt’ Trailer “Give me that fire”

If you’ve seen the latest trailer for the new Bradley Cooper film “Burnt”, then you’re probably wondering what the rocking song is playing mid way through. Most trailer songs with that short of entry would have usually gone unnoticed – but this blues treat is just to sweet to pass up.

If you’re wondering “What’s the song on the ‘Burnt’ trailer” – we can help. The single is by London singer/songwriter Barns Courtney and it’s called, “Fire”.

The Trailer – ‘Burnt’ Starring Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper himself appears to have approved the song for use in the trailer and during the films end credits. Courntey’s husky, blues drenched vocal is powerful on the songs guitar driven chorus. Although the snippet on the trailer is quite short, viewers are quickly captivated by the tracks bold entry. The good news is, the full version of the song is all that you’d want it to be.

Barns unique vocal sound and “in your face” delivery during the songs chorus are what makes “Fire” so addictive. It’s fresh, rocking fun that would sit just fine on the playlists of both alternative and pop channels alike.

The Song – ‘Fire’ by Barns Courtney on ‘Burnt’ Trailer:

Barns Courtney was also asked to attend the New York City premiere of Burnt on October 20th. The film stars Bradley Cooper as Chef Adam Jones, a former bad boy of the Paris food world, who is out to redeem himself.

Barns Courtney sings on Burnt Trailer

London rocker Barns Courtney posted this photo on Facebook of himself attending the New York City premiere of ‘Burnt”. ©2015 Barns Courtney

He’s already played support for Ed Sheeran during his USA tour this year and now with a Hollywood red carpet under his belt, we expect to be hearing alot from the young singer/songwriter in the coming months.

Courntey has another banger single called “Glitter & Gold”, which you can stream below.

Barns Courtney – “Glitter & Gold”:

Barns Courtney – Official Facebook

Photo: ©2015 The Weinstein Company

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