Adele Impersonates Someone Impersonating Adele With Graham Norton On BBC

Adele Impersonates Someone Impersonating Adele With Graham Norton On BBC

Friday night on the BBC special “Adele At The BBC”, the “Hello” singer joined Graham Norton for a bit of fun with some super fans; Adele impersonators. The 27 year old hit maker donned a fake nose and chin, had her eye and lip make-up reworked to conceal her familiar features and finished it off with extra long gloves to cover up her tattoos.

Introducing herself as ‘Jenny’ to Graham before joining the rest of the impersonators backstage, she explained that she’s got “bum chins” and she “reckoned” they’d know it was her. Noting that she usually talks “very fast and very harsh”, her new persona Jenny would instead talk calm and slow. This due to the fact that her (Jenny’s) day job was being a Nanny – “they talk very slow and very calm, to try and make the world make sense”.

Adele joins the others backstage as they prepare to go out an audition. Oblivious to who she really was, they strike up conversation, even trying to encourage her when she appears to become nervous.

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Once it was her turn to sing, it took only a few bars for the others to realize “Jenny”, was actually the real Adele.

Watch Adele impersonating an Adele Impersonator (Video)

Maybe Adele could have her own variety show next? She sure is funny enough.
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