Chris Hemsworth’s New Diet Training Program “Lost At Sea”

Chris Hemsworth’s New Diet Training Program “Lost At Sea”

Chris Hemsworth shocked the world on Sunday November 22nd, when he uploaded a skinny photo of himself on Instagram. The usually buff actor, showed off the tremendous amount of weight he lost for his most recent role in In The Heart Of The Sea.

Along with the photo, the 32 year old actor posted the caption, “Just tried a new diet/training program called “Lost At Sea”. Wouldn’t recommend it.. #IntheHeartoftheSea”.

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Chris plays first mate Owen Chase in the upcoming historical drama, In The Heart Of The Sea. Directed by Ron Howard, the movie was filmed in sequence, due to the fact that the film shows the gradual change that happened to the men after being stranded at sea for 3 months.

When filming began, the men had to look like strong seafaring sailors; which meant that Hemsworth and the other actors hit the gym. The weight loss came later.

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In the film, the crew are lost at sea for 90 days after their whaling ship is sunk by a huge sperm whale. This required changing their physiques to the degree, that they looked like they were wasting away from a lack of food and water.

Co-star Benjamin Walker who plays Captain George Pollard, Jr. stated about the process, “It started out with a healthy level of competition”, “but there was a point at which it did become uncomfortable. We tried to keep it in perspective though. We couldn’t have pizza and cheeseburgers, but it was worth it; we were making a Ron Howard movie. And for us to be in some level of discomfort was almost as if we were paying homage to those who actually endured that horrible experience.”

Hemsworth explained, “The men were lost at sea for months, so by the time any of them were found, they were basically just skin and bones. We were eating minimal amounts of food, but we kept reminding ourselves that it was nothing compared to what they suffered. We all banded together to keep morale up and distract us from how hungry we were.”

What the 15 hour fasting, tiny meals and getting at times only 500 calories a day couldn’t do, the rest was accomplished using make-up and visual effects.

In The Heart Of The Sea Official Trailer

In The Heart Of The Sea opens in theaters December 11th.


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