“I am never gonna get enough” of ‘Kamikaze’ by MØ (Song of the Week)

“I am never gonna get enough” of ‘Kamikaze’ by MØ (Song of the Week)

Danish pop singer MØ has dropped one infectiously, hard to not play over and over again single called ‘Kamikaze’ this Fall, that we dare you to not fall in love with. Already getting tons of airplay, the single is a collaboration with American DJ/producer Diplo, for her upcoming second studio album.

The 27 year old singer/songwriter from Denmark has been energizing the pop scene this year already, with her previous hit song “Lean On”. Another collaboration with Diplo and Major Lazer.

‘Kamikaze’ has everything going for it; MØ’s perfectly pitched pop vocal chatters out the songs catchy lyrics, on a light & snappy electric track – which breaks into a Bollywood-esque hook that ends up being the songs hallmark.

‘Kamikaze’ by MØ – Official Video

Similar to the magic that happened with “Lean On” earlier this Spring (2015), the Danish popstress captivates within seconds of the songs start. Whether she’s leading with an original or providing vocals for another artist, MØ is proving to have the midas touch in the world of pop.

MO Kamikaze Song

The singer shared in a statement recently what working with Diplo has been like on both singles this year and her goal when it comes to Pop music as a whole:

I love working with Diplo. It’s always such a fun and open-minded creative process. It’s about making memorable songs but, more than that, it’s about making pop music that wants to push boundaries. I’ve been loving all kinds of pop since I first fell in love with the Spice Girls, but pop needs to bring something new to the table, it needs balls. And that’s what you get working with Diplo. Making “Lean On” and being a part of that tornado these past eight months has been one of the greatest experiences in my life so far, and I’m super happy that “Kamikaze” is made in a collaboration with the same group of my friends.

With two addictive and solid pop singles this year from MØ , we can’t help but look forward to what’s next.

Kamikaze is our “Song of The Week”!

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