What’s The Song On The Creed Trailer?

What’s The Song On The Creed Trailer?

Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky in the upcoming film ‘Creed’, from Warner Bros. Pictures this November 25th. With a film franchise that has one of the most recognized themes in the industry, getting the music right for Creed is important. The latest trailer has one such song playing in the background.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” playing on the new ‘Creed’ trialer, we’ve got the answer. Sure to be downloaded on workout playlist around the globe, the bell ringing track is called “Last Breat”, by Georgia born hip-hop artist, Future.

The Trailer: Creed Starring Sylvester Stallon & Michael B. Jordan

As Michael B. Jordan sweats it out in the gym Rocky style, Future sings “I got angels all around me, yeah, yeah / I got love all around me, yeah, yeah / I’ll be a fighter ’til the end, ’til my last breath”.

Creed what's the song

With those famous bells ringing along and even a sample from the previous Rocky tune, “Gonna Fly Now” – this is one song the official soundtrack you’ll want to own.

The Song: “Last Breath” by Future form ‘Creed’ Trailer/Soundtrack

Creed opens in theaters November 25th. The single “Last Breath” is only available with purchase of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album on iTunes.

Future Official

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