Danny DeVito Calls All Americans A “Bunch Of Racists” When Explaining Oscar Diversity Issue

Danny DeVito Calls All Americans A “Bunch Of Racists” When Explaining Oscar Diversity Issue

Actor Danny DeVito may have gone a bit to far this past weekend, when he told the Associated Press that Americans are “a bunch of racists”. During an interview at the Sundance Film Festival, the 71 year old Jersey born actor was answering questions about the Oscars diversity controversy. Without mincing words, DeVito stated that “it’s unfortunate that the entire country, is a racist country. And we. So this is one example, of uh, even though some people have given great performances in movies, they weren’t even thought about”.

Also in attendance at the interview were actors Don Cheadle and Sam Neill. Neither of the two took the same accusatory stance as Danny. Cheadle explained the Oscar issue as more of a symptom, than the root cause and although Neill said he thought actors Idris Elba and Sam Jackson were “shoe-ins for nominations”, dismissed it all as being “Hollywood”.

Danny DeVito Calls All Americans “A Bunch Of Racists” (Video)

Although the “Taxi” star put the blame on the country (US) as a whole, he may have missed the fact that he inadvertently included himself as being a racist. Which is probably not going to help him any with the backlash that is already taking place in the comment sections, where this news is posted.

Many readers and those viewing the video from the Assocaited Press, have expressed their frustration with the actors words and point out that the all-inclusiveness of his statement is inaccurate.

“Speak for yourself Danny” (Daily Mail)

“Americans don’t get to vote for the Oscars. Only rich actors get to vote for the Oscars. Point your finger at yourself”. (YouTube)

“Speak for yourself, shorty. I am not a racist and I wasn’t raised to be one”. (People)

What do you think?

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