Kevin Hart Wears Kids Clothes In New Foot Locker Ad

Kevin Hart Wears Kids Clothes In New Foot Locker Ad

Kevin Hart has never had a problem making fun of his short stature. The superstar comedian and actor is only five foot, four inches tall. This February, Hart appears in a couple commercials for the American sportswear and footwear retailer, Foot Locker, including one for the companies “kids” line.

In the commercial, Kevin is confronted by an actor playing his son Hendrix. The young boy ask’s his dad if he’s wearing his new gear, pointing out that they wear the same size.

After resorting to sending his son to his room to avoid any further questioning, he corrects his “same size” claim by explaining that “you’re small, I’m petite”. Petite being a cooler version of small; according to the funny man.

Kevin Hart Wears Son’s Clothes In Kids Foot Locker Ad

Although the tag in the shirt is the real name of the actor’s son, the young boy playing him in the commercial is an actor. Kevin has two children, his daughter Heaven and son Hendrix.

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