That Deadpool Costume is THE Costume To Wear To The Movie, Cosplay And of Course Halloween

That Deadpool Costume is THE Costume To Wear To The Movie, Cosplay And of Course Halloween

Deadpool. It’s a name that is causing loads of excitement with moviegoers in 2016. The 20th Century Fox superhero film that hit theaters this February, has brought one of Marvel comics most colorful characters to life on the big screen and helped get actor Ryan Reynolds past that whole Green Lantern debacle.

At fan screenings of the film leading up to its full release, fans lined up in full body suits as the antihero himself, Deadpool. Playing the lead role as the famous Merc With A Mouth, Ryan Reynolds seemed overjoyed at the site of all that moviegoer participation.

February 8th, the 39 year old Canadian born actor posted a photo of himself in front of a legion of Deadpool dressed fans, at a special screening in New York City.

What makes this particular Marvel comic character turned big screen hero different from say the Avenger squad, is the fact that Deadpool is rather offensive in more ways than one. Its R rating is there for a reason – “Strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity”. Which creates a pull to older teens, and even middle aged adults to be part of the fun, as well as see the film.

Fun like emulating the character by donning that black and red Deadpool costume at movie showings, fans gatherings, cosplay at conventions and most importantly, Halloween. It’s a superhero costume that works on a eight year old as much as it does on a grown man or woman. Thank 20th Century Fox, Marvel and Reynolds for giving the look a coolness that could have fans shelling out big bucks for an accurate look this year.

Searching the internet for possible Deadpool costume choices, yields a plethora of options that range from the simple and cheap, to the elaborate and seriously expensive. Of course, getting it right – which means not going overboard at the wrong event and nailing it for the right one regardless of the cost; could get you extra attention, a medal or (let me go Deadpool offensive here) even laid!

Below are a few of the Deadpool costume options we found on the internet below:

Deadpool Costume

©2016 zentai-zentai

One of our favorite finds. This awesome and almost spot on Deadpool costume comes from online retailer, It’s comes with gear, dark red and black piping sewn with 7 Sets Hoods at a price of $175 dollars US.

Cosplay Deadpool

©2016 Cosplaysky sells this one “made in your own measurements”, with all the gear as well for a serious spender at $199 dollars US.

adult deadpool costume

©2016 Party City

If just getting the job done is more your style or for a quick option for Halloween, adults can pull on the Spandex partysuit from Party City for the low cost of $54.99. Even though there’s no gadgets on board, everything is painted on to look like you’re packing from a distance.

The options seem endless for all ages and you could spend hours trying to find the perfect one. Which could come in handy at a cinema that allows costume wear when seeing the film. Nothing like seeing a theater filled with Deadpool characters watching, Deadpool.

It’s the year of Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds is going to have many a moviegoer coming out of the cinema wanting his look. Get in on the fun and see the movie this February 12th, 2016.

Photo: Top – ©2016 Twitter/Vancityreynolds


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