The H&M Commercial Where Everyone Dresses Like David Beckham

The H&M Commercial Where Everyone Dresses Like David Beckham

You know you do it. I mean, even I get my hair cut like him. Who hasn’t searched in Google to find out how David Beckham dresses or gets his haircut? Have you ever seen the famous footballer, model and sometimes actor, not looking good? Plus, he’s one of those kind of guys that no matter what he puts on, it works. Which is why brands like H&M use him.

In H&M’s most recent ad featuring the curve kicking British star, they take this reality to a whole new level. Every time Beckham picks a different piece from the Swedish retailer’s Modern Essentials Spring collection for 2016, everyone…and I do mean everyone (including the dog) follows suit.

getting haircut like beckham H&M

“Even I get my haircut like David Bekcham”. ©2016 H&M

In the video David is quite oblivious at first to the mass copycat going on around him, but as time passes he begins to pick up on it. Although he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Everyone Dresses Like Beckham In New H&M Ad

Copying someone else can get out of control sometimes, and at the end of the commercial it appears to be true of even this crowd; they wear what Beckham wears, so why not wear what he doesn’t wear as well.

H&M Commercial Modern Essentials

©2016 H&M

Hey, if you’re going to copy someone, it might as well be a guy who get’s it right 99% of the time.

Photo: Top ©2016 H&M


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