What’s The Song On The Under Armour Gymnastics ‘Rule Yourself’ Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Under Armour Gymnastics ‘Rule Yourself’ Commercial?

If you’ve seen the new Under Armour commercial featuring the USA Women’s Gymnastics team in training, you’re bound to gain a new appreciation for what it takes to perform at that level. Watching these young ladies go through their handstands, flips and grueling exercises in the early hours of the day is quite impressive. If the ad doesn’t make you want to ‘rule yourself’ with some new Under Armour gear, it may have you wanting a copy of the commercials song.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the Under Armour USA Women’s Gymnastics Commercial ‘Rule Yourself’, we’ve go the answer. The swirling rap track is called “Matangi” by English-Sri Lankan recording artist M.I.A.

The Commercial: Under Armour USA Gymnastics’s ‘Rule Yourself’

In the ad for the American sports clothing and accessories company Under Armour, viewers get a birds eye view of USA team members like Madison Kocian, Maggie Nichols and MyKayla Skinner training hard; real hard. Between flips, rope climbing, tumbles, sit-ups, stretching and so much more (all on repeat), those little sweet girls in tights end up looking like they’re getting ready for the MMA.

USA Women's Gymnastics Team

Like ROCKY, for this type of training shot you need the perfect song; which is where M.I.A. comes in. Her 2013 song “Matangi” has just the right temp for all those clips of repetitious movements, and the British singers in your face deliver fits well with the gymnasts’ looks of determination.

The Song: “Matangi” by M.I.A.

The track comes from M.I.A.’s last studio album of the same name, which means you can download it now to use on your next training session. The 40 year old rapper/singer is still at work getting her next album out. In 2015 she released two singles, “Swords” and “Warriors” which are out not on iTunes.

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