What’s The Song On The X Men Apocalypse Trailer For Super Bowl 50

What’s The Song On The X Men Apocalypse Trailer For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 has had some great commercials this year and the new X Men Apocalypse trailer was one of them. The visual shows the incredible cast of actors joining once again for the upcoming epic 20th Century Fox film, that hits theaters this May. Along for the ride is one brooding track, that is just as captivating and hard to forget.

If you’re wondering what’s the song on the new X Men trailer that aired during Super Bowl 50, we’ve got the answer. It’s called “Don’t Panic” by singer/songwriter, Clairity.

The Trailer: X Men Apocalypse (Super Bowl 50)

Tennessee born singer Claire Rachel Wilkinson, who goes by her stage name, Clairity – drops this Coldplay cover down a few notches from its original format, for one brooding and mystical gem.

Wha'ts the song X Men

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The section of the song used in the official trailer for X Men Apocaplypse is enough to get your attention, but hearing the full track will have you forgetting about the movie and wanting to hear more from Clairity.

The Song: “Don’t Panic” by Clairity (X Men Apocalypse Song)

It only takes one play to have you thinking this 18 year old singer is going places. X Men isn’t the beginning either, Clairity’s 2015 single DNA has been featured on on both CW and MTV. Definetly one to keep your eye on in 2016.

Go see this movie in May and check out Clairity now.

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