Elijah Wood May Have Made It Even Harder For Hollywood To Ignore Its Pedophile Problem

Elijah Wood May Have Made It Even Harder For Hollywood To Ignore Its Pedophile Problem

It has been said often by those who know him, that actor Elijah Wood is a really nice guy. He is also recalled fondly by many a movie-goer after his long playing role as Frodo Baggins, in the film series Lord of The Rings. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have good things to say about the 35 year old Wood. Which is why his recent interview with The Sunday Times, where he discusses child abuse in Hollywood, could make it hard for Tinseltown to continue to ignore its pedophile problem.

In an article in the UK paper The Sunday Times, journalist Oliver Thring sat down with Wood to discuss his latest film with Nicolas Cage, The Trust. Thring points out at the start of the piece, that the Lord of The Rings Star was more than willing to open up to him about the dark underbelly of Hollywood, involving child actors and “people with parasitic interests” within its ranks.

The Sunday article had not yet reached the age of 24 hours, before news outlets around the world had jumped on-board, to draw attention to both its subject matter and its source. Not that accusations of the entertainment industry having a dark secret of pedophiles working at high levels haven’t been voiced before or that the media didn’t care, but often it came from individuals who are quickly dismissed due to their own failings; like former child actor Corey Feldman. With Wood, it appears to have hit a different chord. The actor (who has not claimed to have been abused), is both a former child actor himself and still well respected by those in the industry.

Wood voiced his own understanding of how hard it is to get this issue brought out into the open, explaining how those who do come forward, “…can’t speak as loudly as the people in power”. Telling The Times, “they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

The article titled, Hollywood’s evil secret, also pointed out the rough road Director Amy Berg has had seeing her documentary An Open Secret reach the masses. The 2015 film shares the stories of five child actors, “whose lives were turned upside down by multiple predators and convicted sex offenders”. Although there have been issues with at least one case mentioned in the film being dropped by the courts (for inconsistent testimony), distributors haven’t been running to pick it up as quickly as has been done for works about problems in churches, law-enforcement and political organizations.

Elijah Wood has seen it, telling Thring he believed it “only scratches the surface”.

It will be interesting to see what comes of all this attention around this old story becoming “new” news again. Especially now that it has come from someone who was a child actor himself, got through those early years apparently unscathed (due to the watchful eye of his mother) and is respected by almost everyone.

It would seem, by the focus Wood gave to this issue while promoting his own film, that he cares. The fact that he’s willing to be so open about the industry from which he has made his living, gives even more importance, to what’s being said. Caring and speaking up for people who can’t speak for themselves is what good human beings do; which Elijah Wood just proved again he is.

Hopefully, his words and the attention they’re getting will make Hollywood turn that spotlight on itself and solve it’s own problem once and for all.

UPDATE: Elijah clarifies his initial statements on abuse in Hollywood

On Monday (May 23) Elijah Wood went to his Twitter account and began making posts about the article in The Sunday Times with journalist Oliver Thring. The actor apparently was not pleased with the “number of false and misleading headlines”, that resulted from the original piece.

Wood pointed out at the start (as we stated above) that the interview was originally for his latest film. After explaining that he had a conversation with the writer about a “powerful documentary” he had just seen, the end result of the article “became about something else entirely”.

The actor used five tweets in all to clarify that he had never “intended or expected” the outcome, but was also not “apologizing just clarifying”. The Lord of The Rings star pointed out that his knowledge of child abuse in Hollywood was not from “first-hand experience or observation” and that he “cannot speak with any authority beyond articles” he had read.

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Wood Corrects Abuse article

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