McDonald’s Streams Live Facebook Video Of Burger Painting To Benefit Charity

McDonald’s Streams Live Facebook Video Of Burger Painting To Benefit Charity

McDonald’s posted a live video feed on their companies Facebook page on Wednesday, May 25th showing an artist painting burger art. The live video, which began airing on the page at 3 p.m. eastern time, was in preparation for National Hamburger Day, which takes place on May 28, 2016.

The live feed showed a small studio and an “artist” in a format similar to that of Bob Ross’ show on PBS, The Joy of Painting.

Dressed in a patterned sweater, with his hair up in a ponytail, was actually improvisational artist Bevin. Speaking in a soothing voice, he used the Bic Mac and Quarter Pounder with cheese as a muse for his creations.

Burger Art

The Starving Artist Bevin. ©Courtesy McDonalds

While slowly painting on his canvas, Bevin got excited talking about each part of the burger, while dropping ridiculous phrases and jokes that were both awkward at times and funny. Just like Bob Ross.

“Sometimes I feel like I need a chin-bib, because my mouth waters so much while I work”. (The Starving Artist)

During the broadcast, Bevin revealed three paintings inspired by the two famous McDonald’s sandwiches; The Beefy Gastronaut, Beefy Peaks and the Burger Brawn.

After the live event, all three of the paintings can be purchased through an auction on eBay, with 100 percent of proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

McDonalds Burger Art

The burger paintings: The Beefy Gastronaut, Beefy Peaks and the Burger Brawn ©Courtesy McDonald’s


Paul Matson, McDonald’s Director of U.S. Social Engagement stated, “Inspired by National Hamburger Day, McDonald’s is paying tribute to the oh-so-delicious Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheese by immortalizing our favorite burgers, created with the highest standards of quality, into pieces of art while giving our customers the chance to own their own piece of McDonald’s nostalgia,” of the event in a company press release on Tuesday.

Burger Brawn Painting McDonalds

The painting ‘Burger Brawn’ is also up for auction on eBay. ©Courtesy McDonalds

The eBay auction will remain open until noon on Saturday, May 28. To link to the auction will be available on the McDonald’s Facebook page until the event has concluded.


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