Scouts Help Carry A Dead Person In Funny Swedish TV Commercial For Canal Digital

Scouts Help Carry A Dead Person In Funny Swedish TV Commercial For Canal Digital

Every day Scouts around the world are taught how to be of service to those they encounter, who are in need. Being prepared and ready to help is their motto. In a recent TV commercial for the Scandinavian pay TV and internet service provider, Canal Digital, a particular group of Scouts seem to have been missing out on one particular past-time; watching tv.

Sweden based ad agency TBWA created the ad for the TV service, which features a small troop of Scouts out walking through the wood. Following along while listending to their faithful leader explaining about the different types of trees that surround them, they suddenly encounter a very disconcerting situation.

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©2016 TBWA / Canal Digital


The humor comes when the viewer thinks (by the look on their faces) things are going to go in a certain direction, but don’t. Instead of running for camp, the leader calls the troop into action.

Scouts carry dead body

©2016 TBWA / Canal Digital

The idea of the TV ad is that this mishap could have been avoided, had the leader been acquainted with such horrific scenes (a crazy guy dragging what looks like a dead body through the woods), had he only spent more time watching tv.

Watch the funny commercial below.

Director: Bart Timmer
Creative Director: Kalle Håkanson and Martin BaudeCreative
Creative: Martin Baude
Producer: Magnus Åkerstedt
Executive Producer: Ylva Axell
Production Company: Bacon

Photo: Top ©2016 TBWA / Canal Digital


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