Speed Up Your Videos With The MINI COOPER S Fastword App For Google Chrome

Speed Up Your Videos With The MINI COOPER S Fastword App For Google Chrome

What if you could accelerate internet videos just like you accelerate a MINI? That’s what the car company asks in a new Brazilian commercial for the online users of Google Chrome.

In the ad for the application, viewers watch as users speed up video play while watching a soccer game (to get to scoring the goal), a surfer (to get to the fail part) and a cooking video which features making a pizza (sped up till all the toppings are added).

The slogan for the application from the car company is, “After all, with the MINI COOPER S you can always accelerate the way you like to get to what matters fast”.

After visiting minifastforward.com, Google Chrome users can install the application quite easily. Once it’s download, you hear the rev of the Mini Cooper S engine – which you also hear whenever you speed up a video.

mini fast forward

As far as using the app, again to draw attention to the car, users simply press the ‘S’ key. You can speed up videos in Facebook, YouTube and even Netflix.

Good new is, even though this ad was shown in Brazil, users in the US can also access it as well.

Mini Cooper S Fast Forward App Commercial

Get to know MINI FAST FORWARD. A MINI COOPER S feature for your browser.

1 – Install the app and immediately accelerate YouTube, Facebook and even Netflix videos.

2 – With the app, the S key on your keyboard is transformed into a MINI COOPER S accelerator.

3 – Get to what matters fast.0 to 1-minute videos in 7.15 seconds.


Photo: Top – ©2016 MINI

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