Watch These Blind Paralympic Swimmers Using The Samsung Blind Cap

Watch These Blind Paralympic Swimmers Using The Samsung Blind Cap

It’s always inspiring to watch people with physical limitations accomplish the same feats that those without disabilities do. I never knew that people without sight participated in competitive swimming at the Paralympic Games. Had I known prior to writing this piece, I would have wondered how they knew when to turn at the wall. Turns out, they do this with the help of their coach. Which Samsung is doing something real cool to change.

The South Korean electronics company along with Cheil Spain, has invented a product they’re calling the Blind Cap. It takes the place of the swimmer needing their respective coaches standing at the end of the lane, to tap them with a long pole when it’s time to turn. Which is how they’ve done it up to this point.


The cap is just like a normal rubber swim-cap, you see Olympic swimmers using. What Samsung has done with the Blind Cap, is fit it with a vibration sensor that uses Bluetooth technology, to alert the swimmer for the turn.



The cap vibration sensor is synchronized to an app available on Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch or Android phones. The coach is still needed to activate the device, but from there the swimmer is left on their own just like those who see the wall coming.

It’s a huge step in technology and its use with those with disabilities. If the device is approved, the plan is to use it in the upcoming Rio 2016 Paralympics, in Brazil.

Blind Cap From Samsung Helps Olympic Swimmers

As Samsung puts it, “A winning lap in the world of paralympic swimming”.

Photo: ©2016 Samsung

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