Men’s Boardshorts: Go Shorter For Summer 2016 (Fashion)

Men’s Boardshorts: Go Shorter For Summer 2016 (Fashion)

Every once and a while fashion needs a shake up. When it comes to men’s boardshorts, going a bit shorter on length could be the perfect start to changing things up at the beach, for Summer 2016.

Now let’s remember boys, style is all about getting body composition in tune with your fashion choices. Sure, every once in a while throwing caution to the wind and slipping into that tiny speedo on your full-size, hair-covered physique while on vaca in Greece, is fine. But if you wan’t to draw attention to yourself in a good way, we suggest you make sure your matching style and shape for a perfect fit.

Going shorter on your boardshorts, means your exposing more leg (oh dear!). One of the drawbacks to the familiar long lengthed swim trunk is that it can make short men, appear even shorter. On the other hand, it’s done wonders at keeping those rather skinny pins from standing out, as well.

So, shorter boardshorts can usually look good on the average size man who isn’t too thin in the leg region. Shorter men will actually look taller and more proportioned.

Below are a few choices we found, for the men who want to hit the beach in 2016 with some fresh fashion sense and more leg room – and color, don’t be afraid to go bold. We consider anything 17 inches and under, raising the bar…or shortening the length of your swim trunk.

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The AMBSN Pineapple Express Boardshort – $59 at

Short Boardshorts for men

ASOS Mid Length Swim Shorts 2 Pack In Pink And Flamingo Print. $42 at

DaysTune Summer Fashion

Billabong Tribong X Scallop 19″ Boardshorts $59 at

DaysTune Summer Fashion

Volcom 17″ Safari Jammer $36 at

DaysTune Summer Fashion

Vissla Dye-Mond Short Boardshort $59 at

DaysTune Fashion for men

Obey Palm Fan Street Trunks $56 at

Mens swimming Fashion

WeSC Warhol x WeSC Boardshorts $39 at

Going shorter in your swimwear this long hot Summer may be a change for some men, but it’s a change that is way overdue. So start doing some leg exercises and get ready to show off more skin this season.

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