Robbing This Blind Man Was Not A Good Idea – Watch The Scary Trailer To ‘Don’t Breathe’

Robbing This Blind Man Was Not A Good Idea – Watch The Scary Trailer To ‘Don’t Breathe’

Get ready to look at blind people in a whole different light come this August, with Sony Pictures upcoming thriller, Don’t Breathe. Three young adults thought breaking into the house of a blind man and stealing some cash would be easy; until they find out he’s not as disabled as they thought.

Don’t Breathe was produced by American horror movie company Ghost House Productions, who have delivered up such thrilling films as The Grudge, Boogeyman, Drag Me To Hell and Evil Dead.

Evil Dead director Federico Alvarez is back for this latest scarefest, which stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto. The very capable blind man is played by 63-year-old New York actor, Stephen Lang. You may remember Lang as the bad ass Col. Miles Quaritch, in the 2009 blockbuster, Avatar.



The trailer alone is enough to make you feel on edge. When the trio break into the old guy’s house, it doesn’t take long before they’re discovered and the leader of the gang is apparently shot dead.

Now getting out of the house isn’t that easy. This particular blind man has developed a heightened sense of hearing, which makes every little creak sound like a “look I’m over here!”, alarm. But finding out the old guy isn’t going to surrender his money as easy as thought isn’t the scary secret in Don’t Breathe; there are others trapped inside as well.

This Blind Man Has Secrets – Don’t Breathe (Trailer)

Don’t Breathe opens in theaters August 26th, 2016.

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