Ryan Gosling Laughs So Hard He Cries On The Graham Norton Show

Ryan Gosling Laughs So Hard He Cries On The Graham Norton Show

The last episode of The Graham Norton Show in the month of May, was hands done the funniest. The 9th episode of the current 19th season featured co-stars of the upcoming movie The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, Oscar winner and director of the film Money Monster, Jodie Foster, Olympic diver Tom Daley, actor Greg Davies, and a musical performance by Bright Light Bright Light and Sir Elton John.

It took only minutes into the late night show, for the line-up to prove to be a recipe for laughter. Host Graham Norton got his couch guests sharing stories that were down right hilarious, including one from actor Greg Davies that put Ryan Gosling in stitches; and tears.

Ryan Gosling Laughs So Hard He Cries On Graham Norton

Ryan was on the May 26th episode to promote his latest film with co-star Russell Crowe called, The Nice Guys. Proving to be a strong comedic pair, the handsome actor and Gladiator star used every opportunity to slip in a funny jab at one another.

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show, Season 19, Episode 9, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. © BBC

When it came time for Graham to talk to British stand-up comedian and actor Greg Davies about his TV series, Man Down, things turned from funny to hilarious, very quickly. When Davies began telling a personal account that involved accidentally wearing his mother’s underwear, Gosling who was seated next to the actor just couldn’t keep it together.

Which just made the whole thing even more hilarious. Watch all the fun in the video above.

If you’re not watching The Graham Norton show, you’re missing out.

The Graham Norton Show airs Thursdays at 11:30/10:30c on BBC America


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