Watch Kohei Matsuno Create Works Of Art In A Cup Of Latte

Watch Kohei Matsuno Create Works Of Art In A Cup Of Latte

Watching Japanese artist Kohei Matsuno (aka Mattsun) creating works of art on top of a cup of latte, can by hypnotizing. Using a spoon, toothpick and foam he creates amazing portraits and even 3-dimensional pictures, that are all drinkable.

The 27 year old Kohei says he drew his first latte art back in 2009 while working in an Italian restaurant, when he drew Japan’s national character, Isono Katsuo. Since then he has drawn everything from cartoon characters, to pictures of famous pieces of artwork to 3D animals and famous movie characters.

Kohei Matsuno

©Kohei Matsuno

Kohei Matsuno art

©Kohei Matsuno

Kohei Matsuno coffee art

©Kohei Matsuno

Kuma Films recently uploaded a video they took of Kohei creating a few creamy pieces of artwork in Japan. Check out the hypnotic video below.



You can keep up with Mattsuno’s creations by following him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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