Watch MØ Levitate In New “Final Song” Music Video

Watch MØ Levitate In New “Final Song” Music Video

MØ has just released her new video for her latest single, “Final Song”. The Danish pop singer continues to drop amazing music this year, as well as captivating music videos. Out among the limestone spires in the California desert, the 27-year-old levitates and entertains an albino snake.

Final Song is the follow up to MØ’s 2015 single “Kamikaze” and part of her upcoming sophomore album. She explained that she wanted the video to tell the story about being “reconnected with your inner strength…slowly regaining your power” after a period of being fragile. See the press release below.

Final Song Photo

I really wanted this video to tell the story of being reconnected with your inner strength—that spark within you that keeps you going. I wanted it to illustrate what the song means to me: from being fragile; to surrendering to the open space; to slowly regaining your power; before demanding the spirit-animal come back to you. It’s different from my previous videos — it’s a bit more spiritual and fragile — but I think it’s important to change sometimes, and especially when the song calls for a soul-searching moment.

Watch MØ float in the sky above the Trona Pinnacles in the new “Final Song” video below.



MØ keeps up her unique style of dance and movement, which has featured in all of her music videos. It’s just one of the parts of the Danish singer’s M.O. that makes both her sound and her presence so infectious. Can’t wait for more.

“Final Song” is out now on iTunes – (BUY)

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