Watch Justin Bieber Touring The World In “Company” Music Video

Watch Justin Bieber Touring The World In “Company” Music Video

If you thought Justin Bieber had the life, you’ll probably have to dial that thought up a bit after watching the life he leads on tour, in the new music video for his song, “Company”. Released this week, the video shows clips of the 22-year-old pop star performing in concerts around the world, as well what he does off stage.

“Company” is the fourth single to be released from Bieber’s fourth and latest studio album titled, Purpose.

The video moves between moments where Justin is having laughs with friends, getting crazy at packed out venues, to shots of him getting emotional on stage and at times seeming very alone. Which could leave the viewer thinking that all that fame and fortune could also be a burden from time to time.

Watch Justin Bieber in his latest video for the song “Company” below.

Justin Bieber On The Road In “Company” Music Video

The album Purpose is out now.


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