What’s The Song On The Nike ‘Switch’ Commercial With Cristiano Ronaldo?

What’s The Song On The Nike ‘Switch’ Commercial With Cristiano Ronaldo?

If you’re a football (Soccer) fan, you’re going to love the new Nike commercial called, The Switch. Bringing back memories of the film Freaky Friday, soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo collides with a young fan in the stands during a game and the two bump heads. In the scene that follows, the two realize that they have traded bodies – the young boy is now Ronaldo and the superstar is a young teen.

Nike is airing the tv ad in a teaser format, which encourages viewers to seek out the full version of the short film online. Although the full version doesn’t have it, the commercial does have a pretty sweet song playing along with all the action.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the new Nike ‘Switch’ commercial, we’ve got the answer. The song is called “Day Ones” by Baauer, featuring MC’s Novelist and Leikeli47.

The Commercial: Nike ‘The Switch’ Cristiano Ronaldo



It’s worth going to watch the full version of Nike’s ‘The Switch’, which you can see at the companies YouTube channel.

The song on the commercial comes from American EDM producer Harry Bauer Rodrigues, who uses the stage name, Baauer. You may remember his hit song “Harlem Shake” from back in 2012.


“Day Ones” is off of Baauers debut studio album titled, Aa – which released in March of this year (2016). The vocals on the song come from English rapper Novelist and New York’s masked MC, Leikeli47.

It’s a snapping, thumping track chocked full of a large dose of energetic funk that sticks with you for hours, after just one play.

The Song: “Day Ones” by Baauer (ft. Novelist & Leikeli47)

Now we all know who got the better end of ‘The Switch’. Nike is trying to tell us that if we wear the shoes that Ronaldo wears, we may just be able to attain his skills. Well, it’s fun to dream anyway and those boots are sweet!

You can thank Nike for the ad and us for letting you know more about the song. Baauer, Novelist and Leikeli47 are worth checking out. “Day Ones” is out now – BUY IT NOW.

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