Adopted Dog Helps Man Lose 140 Pounds And Run His First Marathon

Adopted Dog Helps Man Lose 140 Pounds And Run His First Marathon

Watch this touching video about how a man’s decision to adopted a sheltered dog, helped him lose 140 pounds, become more active and ultimately run his first marathon.

Mutual Rescue, an organization that works to “change the way people see animal welfare”, released their first short film earlier this year called “Eric & Peety. According to their website, the film has been seen “more than 40 million times across the globe” and once you’ve seen it you’ll understand why.

Eric from Eric and Peety

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Eric & Peety tells the story about a middle-aged man named Eric, who had gotten to a place in his life where he was overweight, diagnosed with multiple health conditions and living a secluded life due to low self-esteem.

When his doctor tells him that his current path could lead to his demise in a short time, Eric decided to reach out for help. Taking the advice of a nutritionist, he decided to go to the local animal shelter and adopted a dog. This is where a overweight, middle-aged shelter dog named, Peety comes into the story.

Sheltered Dog Video

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By having to alter his daily routine to care for his new companion, those daily walks and the sense of feeling needed, led Eric to a much healthier lifestyle. Resulting in slimming down is former 340 pound frame by 140 pounds and giving him the kind of purpose to ultimately run his first marathon.

The story doesn’t stop there and yes, there is a part where you may need a tissue – but it’s worth watching; and sharing.

Adopting A Dog Changed This Mans Life



Produced by Advocate Creative who specializes in creating films for charities and organizations like Mutual Rescue™, the little over six-minute video isn’t just about a man adopting a dog. The story of Eric is also about how low self-esteem and struggles with weight can create a cascading effect of isolation and loss of the will to live.

Adopting Peety didn’t just change life for Eric from an activity standpoint alone. His self-worth was impacted as well, giving him a sense of being needed and unconditional love.

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