James Arthur Is Back With “Say You Won’t Let Go” And We’re So Glad!

James Arthur Is Back With “Say You Won’t Let Go” And We’re So Glad!

Ever since 2012 we’ve touted the voice of British singer and songwriter, James Arthur. Since winning the X-Factor in the UK, he’s seen his career rise and fall in a very short time. The good news is, he’s back; with a new album and a hot single that’s climbing the charts here in the US; as it should – as we always expected it would.

The single “Say You Won’t Let Go” is from the 28-year-old’s second studio album, Back From The Edge, which released back in October of this year. The single (released in September) has already spent 3 weeks at number one in the U.K., as well as hitting the top spot in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia and the Republic of Ireland.

The song is a touching and powerful romantic ballad written by Arthur for his latest record and as always, sang with a vocal range and emotion, that is inspiring.

James Arthur is back with new number one

James’ new single reached top spot in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia and the Republic of Ireland

It’s good to finally see James making entry into the US music scene – it’s about time. The single reached number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week and is getting increased airplay as the weeks go by. Every time we hear it here on the radio, we pinch ourselves. Although his journey started four years ago on a talent show in the U.K., a few personal and one very publicized issue in his home country, caused things to veer off course – to some, into possible oblivion.

But his fans stood by him and by his own perseverance, it looks as if righting the railcar of Arthur’s career, is finally here.

James Arthur’s New Single “Say You Won’t Let Go”


Back in 2013 we wrote a post on the video of James performing his song “Recovery” from his debut album. To date, we consider it one of the most amazing performances of a song we’ve ever (yes, I said, ever) seen. Seated alone in a soundstage, the Middlesbrough-born singer pours his heart and soul into the song, demonstrating his captivating vocal prowess. By the time it’s over, you feel as though you’ve just experienced something spiritual. An aspect of his musical and lyrical ability that (thank God) continues on his latest album.

His new single “Say You Won’t Let Go” was written to give the new LP a romantic touch. Lyrically, it’s the kind of song destined to be played at weddings, funerals and Valentine’s Day – which isn’t a put down; James Arthur has the talent to impact as both a writer and a singer, to the same degree. Like Adele, Arthur has a knack for a certain type of song, but that in no way means he’s a one-trick-pony; the album Back From The Edge is proof of that, it’s strong throughout (Full album review coming).

It sounds a bit odd to say, but seeing that many Americans are just now getting their first taste of James – this is one artist you want to keep your eye on – he’s going to be around for a long time. Hopefully music fans here in the US will continue to discover his music and welcome him with open arms.

After you’ve watched the official video for James Arthur’s new single “Say You Won’t Let Go”, sit back and experience the 2013 video of “Recovery” below.

Welcome back James Arthur. And from music fans here in the USA…Welcome!

James Arthur “Recovery” Official Video

The new single is out now – Buy On iTunes / Buy On Amazon

Buy on iTunes

James Arthur’s brand new LP Back From The Edge is also available – Buy It On iTunes / Buy It On Amazon


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