#Santaclara Song By Emily Roberts Says Santa Shouldn’t Get All The Credit

#Santaclara Song By Emily Roberts Says Santa Shouldn’t Get All The Credit

So Christmas has come and gone once again and you know who get’s all the credit; Santa. German supermarket chain, Lidl™ took that notion to heart this year, when they put out their recent holiday commercial “#SantaClara”.

Written by the young German singer/songwriter, Emily Roberts – #Santaclara, is rewriting the story in this hip-hop-pop styled Christmas single.

What's the song Hipster Santa

©Lidl #Santaclara

The official video and the commercial version feature the usual star of the show this time of year, Santa himself. Only this time he’s a smart dressing, hipster-esque celebrity taking all the credit for those perfectly wrapped presents and beautiful dinners.

Santa Clara by Emily Roberts

Emily sings about the injustice in the addictive track asking “How come that every year a mister gets the fame?
When all the work is done by women in his name? There’s something wrong aint’ it, there’s something wrong. Santa Clara’s here to change it!”.

The Lidl™ Commercial Version of #Santaclara

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