The Commercial With Old Man Learning English Will Make You Laugh And Melt Your Heart

The Commercial With Old Man Learning English Will Make You Laugh And Melt Your Heart

Poland’s online auction site Allegro, released a holiday commercial this season that will make you smile and melt your heart. The ad, which was created by Polish advertising agency Bardzo, follows the journey of an elderly man after he receives a package from Allegro which includes an “English For Beginners” set.

Viewers follow along, as the man practices learning English via the book and audio portions of the set. He’s seen placing post-it notes with certain words in English on them, to identify different objects in his house.

Although funny to those around him, the old man is focused on learning how to speak certain phrases naturally. In between lines like “I love you! You are perfect!” and “Can you show me the way to the beach?” one phrase sticks out as the most important; “Hi, I am…”.


It’s not until the end of the commercial that viewers find out what all the work was for (the part that melts your heart), but it’s worth the wait. In between are there are also moments to laugh – one in particular is when the old man is sitting in the tub and he practices quoting a line from a mafia style movie – pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun at a rubber duck he states, “I gonna f**king kill you”.

The commercial closes with the caption, “a Ty? czego szukasz?” in Polish, which means “and you? What are you looking for?”. It’s a powerful way of showing how buying something for yourself, doesn’t always have to be about YOU.

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