What’s The Song On The Macy’s Celebrate Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Macy’s Celebrate Commercial?

Macy’s department stores have been a part of American shopping for more than 150 years, especially during the holidays. This season the company released a commercial to remind us to not only remember the holidays, but any other reason to “Celebrate” as well.

All the joyous occasions that pop up in the commercial are backed by one infectious, up-beat track that is bound to make you want to get up and dance. If you’re wondering “What’s the song”, we’ve got the answer.

The Commercial: Macy’s “Celebrate”


So what’s the song on the Macy’s “Celebrate” commercial? It’s called “Happy” and is by French electronica group C2C and features a rousing soulful vocal from Detroit born, Derek Martin.

What's The Song

C2C have been around since 1998 and are made up of 4 french DJ’s. Although they are not quite known here in the US, the exposure from the new Macy’s commercial is sure to help them get their name out to a broader audience.

The Song: “Happy” by C2C Featuring Derek Martin

Find out more about C2C at C2Cofficial Facebook. Get the song now – BUY

Singer Derek Martin has been around since the days of Duke Ellington, who discovered him and had him join his band. He also toured with Dionne Warwick. In these later years he has collaborated with French artists, like C2C and Organiz.

Find out more about Derek on his official Facebook

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