How To Recycle Your Old Clothes At Your Local H&M Store

How To Recycle Your Old Clothes At Your Local H&M Store

Swedish multinational clothing retail company, H&M is out to help the world make us of those old pieces of clothing hanging about in your closet. The fast-fashion clothing company which sells products for men, women, teenagers and children, is out to make recycling unused and unwanted garments just as trendy as their clothing line.

In the “Bring It On” campaign, H&M is asking its customers to bring in any “garments you no longer want, from any brand and in any condition”, and they will “make sure they get a new life”.

In the new commercial for the recycle effort, the clothing company tells its viewers that fashion should not go to waste; “Nothing is too torn, worn or used to get a second life. Not your lonely sock, your worn-out dress or your ripped sheet”.

H&M ‘Bring It On’ Commercial


How does it work?

H&M is asking anyone interested, to bag up all their unwanted clothes and bring them to the local store. There you can drop them in specially marked bins, where they will be sent to their partner I:CO, collected and transferred to its nearest sorting plant.

Bring It On Campaign

How the H&M garment recycle program works. ©H&M 2017

Once the clothes arrive at the sorting plant, the “garments are then sorted into more than 350 categories. Clothes in good condition that can be worn again are distributed worldwide as second-hand goods”.

H&M Garment Recycle

Every piece of the discarded garment is used in some way. ©H&M 2017

Making sure nothing goes to waste, every piece from the item has a place to be repurposed. “During the process, nothing goes to waste. The metals from buttons and zippers are also recycled. Even the dust is taken care of. It is pressed into cubes that go to the paper industry as a co-product to cardboard. The very last remains of the collected garments are burned and turned into new energy”.

If you’re wondering if H&M are simply using the program as another means to create wealth, you should know that the company claims any “revenue generated from collected items is donated to charity and invested in recycling innovation”.

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