What’s The Song On The John Wick Chapter 2 Trailer?

What’s The Song On The John Wick Chapter 2 Trailer?

Keanu Reeves is back this February as the legendary hitman, in John Wick: Chapter 2. The official trailer sees Wick getting forced back into having to show off his gun and fighting skills one more time. Of course with all that action, you need an awesome trailer song.

If you’re wondering what’s the song on the new John Wick 2 trailer, we’ve got the answer.

The Trailer: John Wick: Chapter 2


The banging track playing along to all the action in John Wick: Chapter 2 trailer is called “Battle Royale”, by Montreal-based music producer John De Buck – who goes by the stage name, Apashe.


John De Buck is Apashe. ©Apashe Facebook 2017

You only get a snippet of the song in the trailer, which doesn’t give it full justice; “Battle Royale” is an energized mix of musical fun from beginning to end.

The track features vocals from Montreal based hip-hop artist Panther (Panther Matumona).

The Song: “Battle Royale” by Apashe (ft. Panther)

The full version of this song fits perfect with the trailer for John Wick. It’s non-stop energy that keeps on delivering till the end.

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