What’s The Song On The Apple AirPod Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Apple AirPod Commercial?

Apple believes so much in their new headphones…excuse me “AirPods”, that they’ve dedicated an entire commercial to them. Along with some bad ass dancing from LA’s Lil Buck, the TV ad also provides one infectiously magical song.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the new Apple AirPod commercial, we’ve got the answer.

The Commercial: Apple iPhone 7 + AirPods

The mystically soulful song that Lil Buck dances along to on walls, cars and the pavement is called, “Down”. The track comes from Philadephia duo Marian Hill.

What's the song

The single “Down” comes from the duo’s debut album Act One which released in June of 2016.

The song is a beautiful blend of a piano driven, tick-tock thumping track from production artist Jeremy Lloyd, drenched in the silky vocals of Samantha Gongol.

The Song: “Down” by Marian Hill (AirPod TV Ad)

If you’re looking for new music and a new artist to add to your playlist, Marian Hill is it and “Down” is the perfect track to start with.

Get “Down” by Marian Hill on iTunes – BUY ON iTUNES.


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