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DaysTune delivers the latest in entertainment news, music, movies, TV, Tech, Reviews, Fashion and more. Providing an upbeat approach, we utilize all media formats to present a fresh visual experience with concise commentary and editorials.

We do not publish photos of celebrities children, except at functions (i.e. premieres, events) where they expect photos to be taken.

DaysTune Staff

DaysTune Editor


Wayne Andres

Editor in chief / Writer
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Sam Andres – Staff Writer
Movies / Music / Interviews
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DaysTune Staff Writer Beki


Beki Little – Staff Writer

Product & Service Reviews – “Little Review”
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DaysTune Staff Writer Ben


Ben Andres – Staff Writer

Gaming / EDM / Music
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DaysTune Staff Writer Ellie


Ellie Hickman -Staff Writer

Books / TV / Film Reviews
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