Cady Groves New Single ‘Forget You’ SUMMER BUZZ SONG!

Cady Groves New Single ‘Forget You’ SUMMER BUZZ SONG!

“Forget You” by Cady Groves is our Summer Buzz Song

Cady Groves just released her new single, “Forget You” and we are making it our Summer Buzz Song for the month of June. This is the perfect feel good, pop-song to have dropped on us this time of year. The song will also be featured on the Smurfs2 soundtrack along with Britney’s new single, “Ooh La La” released earlier this month.

The 23 year old singer/songwriter from Oklahoma, co wrote the single with Kristian Lundin (RCA). Her first studio album is due out sometime this year. Cady released a four song EP in 2012 titled, “This Little Girl” of which the single named the same, is a hard driven pop/rock song to make you take notice. Don’t let the summery, pop song ‘Forget you’ fool you. Take a listen to the tracks from her EP and you will discover there is more to this little lady than meets the eye. Cady is a cross between Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne and we are happy with that. Play it once and you’ll play it again.

cady groves sitting

Let us know what you think about Cady Grove’s new single.

This Little Girl 2012

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