Demi Lovato Tweets #LiveInLondon is heeeeere!!!!

Demi Lovato Tweets #LiveInLondon is heeeeere!!!!

Demi Tweets her excitement about Vevo Vid

Vevo has finally posted the video of Demi Lovato performing her “Made in the USA” single to a live audience in London of only 500 lucky fans. The concert at Porchester Hall in London actually caused a bit of a problem, when fans, trying to do the right thing, obeyed instructions to “not camp out” showing up when told, ended up without tickets. Tickets instead had already been given out to fans who had indeed went ahead and camped outside the ticket window. The tickets were given on a first come, first serve basis and website instructions told fans not to show up until 10am. Vevo apologized for the issue and stated that the video of the live event would be made available for all fans to view. Well, here it is (Top)

Demi of course performed her new hit “Heart Attack” along with many other songs like, “Made in the USA”, “Give Your Heart A Break”, “Skyscraper” and more. The live event was held back in May of this year. Demi is currently performing her duties judging the auditions for the US version of the X-Factor. The song “Made in the USA” is rumored to be her next single released off of her most recent album Demi.

Click the Vevo link on the Twitter card above to watch her entire playlist.

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