Don’t Get Festival Regret

Don’t Get Festival Regret

No one wants to get older and look back over their lives with regret.  You’re old and weak, or maybe just middle aged and to freakin busy to do anything fun, so you let things like concerts and festivals go by.  Now you think about how cool it would be to sit out on the lawn somewhere, sun beating down on your skin, torn shorts and flip flops, surrounded by music lovers and tents. Well before you get to that point of regret make a plan now to attend a summer festival in your area, there’s a ton of them out there.  If you want to go crazy, hop on a plane and attend one happening abroad, the UK is a good place to start.


One great source for a list of upcoming festivals is Music Festival Junkies.  They not only list practically every festival around the world but report on them as well.  CrawFish, Roots Picnic, Ink N’ Iron, Bonnaroo, MadSummer Meltdown and Kanrocksas Music Festival 2013 are just a few names to wet your appetite.  Be aware that the popular concerts sell out quick and are much more enjoyable when you plan well beforehand and attend in a small group.

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