Get To Know Hey Marseilles

Getting To Know Hey Marseilles

The Seattle based, six member band Hey Marseilles, released their second studio album after seven years titled, Lines We Trace this past March. The band, with more instruments than members, has spent the last several years playing the songs from their first album To Travel and Trunks at festivals and guest appearances on NPR. Next weekend (June 22nd) they are booked to play at the Dover Delaware Firefly Music Festival. Hey Marseilles is made up of band members, Nick Ward (guitar, drumbourine, mandolin), Matt Bishop (guitar), Philip Kobernik (accordion, piano), Jacob Anderson (viola), Colin Richey (drums), Patrick Brannon (Trumpet) and Sam Anderson (cello).

The single “Heart Beats” from their March release Lines We Trace may just be the song to carry them into the mainstream. At a time when indie-folk style bands are topping the charts, “Heart Beats” fits right in with an experienced us of multiple instruments and story style vocals. Lead singer Matt Bishop captures you from the very beginning with the tone and flow of his voice, which works it’s way up to a rhythmic chorus, helping to build the emotion of the song without going overboard.

I’m not sure you can call a band that’s been playing for seven years “new music” but my prediction, is that Hey Marseilles may have finally tweaked their product to something that a larger audience will enjoy.

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