New Paramore Animated Music Video ‘Anklebiters’

New Paramore Animated Music Video ‘Anklebiters’

Paramore Goes Animated for Anklebiters

Even though lead singer Hayley told a twitter follow this isn’t the next single to be released, we are glad they did. She explained on her Twitter that this was just a fun song they wanted to make a video for. The song is true pop/punk driven by drums and guitar all the way through.

The video is quirky and perfect for the tempo of the song. Anklebiter’s is off of Paramore’s latest self titled album. The song calls the listener to fall in love with themselves and let go of the haters. It’s driven and over before you know it or want it to be. We say it’s FUN, FUN, FUN.

What do you say? Leave you thoughts below.

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