Tom Odell Has The Adele Factor

Tom Odell Has The Adele Factor

Tom Odell Has The Adele Factor

I remember the first time I came across that video on YouTube by Adele singing, “Chasing Pavements”. How it took me on a journey from video to video and clip to clip to discover this amazing, English girl for myself. She has since gone on to become a phenom around the world in music.

Her songs stuck in my head for weeks. I played them over and over. There’s something about her when she sings that draws you in and makes it personal for the both of you. You’re with her in the song and you feel like the wrong and the heartbreak belongs to you as well. We enjoy just watching her do what she does. Seeing her expressions and the strange movements of her hands, as she reaches those amazing ranges. This is not just entertainment, she means this stuff. That, along with one hell of a voice, is what makes her so appealing to people of all ages. This is what separates the singer/songwriter with a naturally beautiful voice, from any fabricated pop star. You don’t forget first hearing Adele, you won’t forget Tom Odell either”.

Tom Odell, I believe, has that Adele factor. One real listen to “Another Love”, “Sense” or “Can’t Pretend” and you will find yourself smitten. His songs lyrically and vocally come from a place that is deep inside him, taking us on those same journey’s that happened listening to Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”. Watch him bang his piano, shake his head, stare down his mike and sing out effortlessly and you know you are watching a star.

“You don’t forget first hearing Adele, you won’t forget Tom Odell either”

An Album Full of Great Songs

I came accross Adele before she had even been heard of here in the US by the mainstream crowd. Her first album was just being released in the UK and starting to climb the charts. I purchased a copy from Amazon UK and had it shipped for my daughter. There was not a song on that album that wasn’t good. Most were great, most became hits. Tom’s newest album (first was an EP), Long way Down has been the same; every song has it’s own soul and journey; one of the benefits of being in the beginning of your career when things come naturally and aren’t pushed. Having an album full of great songs, like Adele, give access for so many new fans to jump on board. If you miss “Another Love” you can catch up with the release of “Grow Old With Me” and so on. I enjoyed watching newcomers to Adele on her second album, running back to hear the tracks from her first. You want to be there for the whole trip.

“Every song has it’s own soul”

Right now you can only get your hands on the EP, Songs From Another Love here in the US, with his first full length album Long Way Down available in the UK. If you can, get it now and get on this ride while it’s still young. Tom’s songs are the kind you put full earphones on for, sit in a quiet place, with your eyes shut and just enjoy. It will be an album of favorites for sure and one worth every penny. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Odell here in the states and hearing him played on the radio. It’s always fun to hear it on airplay for the first time and know you were already on the train.

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Songs From Another Love – EP – Tom Odell

Long Way Down – Tom Odell

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