The Voice UK 2013 UPSET Andrea Begley Wins!

The Voice UK 2013 UPSET Andrea Begley Wins!

Blogs and Papers Scramble to Change the Headlines

It appears there’s been an upset when it comes to The Voice UK 2013 and it’s winner. According to most local media another contestant, Leah Mcfall was pegged to win. Ok, we’re not going to lie, so were we! I mean what happened? I ask anyone to go back over the course of the season and check the footage, Leah was not only the chosen one with the media but had proven herself by performance as well.

Her studio performance of “I Will Survive” reached #2 on the iTunes Charts as well as #8 on the British charts. Going into the event today in Britain pollsters and bookies had Leah as the best bet to win. But it was not to be, the girl now known more for her blindness than singing gets the prize and the contract.

Leah Mcfall sings “I Will Survive” during semi-finals

It seems it works the same way in the UK as it does here in the states, the only difference tonight was there was no Adam Levine to announce, “I hate this country”.

You can watch the footage and decide if you think Andrea should have won.

Andrea Begley sings “One of Us” during semi-finals

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