Ed Sheeran’s Girl-Friend Nina Nesbitt Sings “Way In the World”.

Ed Sheeran’s Girl-Friend Nina Nesbitt Sings “Way In the World”.

 So this guy you know 

Ed Sheeran

He hangs out with this girl now (Just Friends)

Taylor Swift

He used to hang out with this girl (Not Just Friends)

Nina Nesbitt

Her name is Nina Nesbitt

Let’s get to know her (Hey, Ed Sheeran liked her)

This is her new single released June 11th called “Way In The World”

Ok, first things first, it was never really confirmed that Ed and Nina were a couple. A quiet trip to Venice, gazing into each others eyes, Ed discovered her and then she was in his video, there were the tweets–well let’s just say they were probably closer than he and Taylor are. We think Ed Sheeran is great and don’t want to make anyone mad, so we will leave that part for now.

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Her name is Nina Nesbitt. She is from Edinburgh, Scotland and come July 11th she’ll turn 19 years old. Like so many artists today she started out by videoing herself singing and uploading it to YouTube. The singer/songwriter has worked hard in the roughly three years she’s been performing, turning out 5 extended plays in the UK, with her second reaching #6 on the iTunes download and #1 on the singer/songwriter charts. Her newest EP is due out soon. More of that later. The official video for the song “The Apple Tree” from her second EP mentioned above, is introduced by Mike Rosenberg better known as Passenger. Watch below.

Nina is a guitar player who also plays piano and flute. While playing a gig in Edinburgh one summer she had a chance meeting with the ginger headed lego house man Ed Sheeran. He handed Nina his guitar and asked her to play something. She sang her song “Standing On One Leg” and Ed offered her a gig in Glasgow. She would go on to play opening for his European tour, as well as become very close.

Nina Nesbitt

Her sound? As corny as it sounds, take Ed sheeran and mix him with Taylor Swift and you get Nina Nesbitt; that’s a bit weird I know…but True! Like most singer/songwriters, Nesbitt has that connection to the flow of her lyrics that adds authenticity to her sound. Her voice is light, melodic and genuine. She writes from the heart leaning towards songs about her own struggles and desires that will hit home with young fans like herself.

The Scottish singer has recently moved to London to work on her first studio album. Her latest EP from which her new single “Way In the World” is from is due out July 22nd in the UK and the 23rd here in the US via iTunes. Below we leave you with her music video for her song, “Boy” which came out back in 2012 and the video in February of 2013. Welcome to Nina Nesbitt, I think you’re going to like her…Ed Sheeran did!

See our interview with Nina Nesbitt – See More.
Video: YouTube
Photo: On Beach by la-underground
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