Frank Turner Digs in “The Way I Tend To Be” Video

Frank Turner Digs in “The Way I Tend To Be” Video

The experienced English Folk/alternative singer-songwriter puts out his second track from his most recent album “Tape Deck Heart”. Barely able to notice his Punk foundations Frank brings a more poppy-folk sound in his latest release. The song moves along with acoustic genius and if not for the occasional tough lyric could fall right in line with any John Mayer hit. That’s okay with us here at DaysTune and to me shows the range of an artist as they mature (that’s a nice way of saying, getting old). Frank Turner has proven himself in the different styles he has ventured in and showing more of that is not something to think low of. I particularly love the way he holds the letters like in “Rememmmmmmmmmm-ber”.

Great song and hopefully a new discovery for some of you. We’ve also put his first single-video from the album below–it’s just as good. Watch “Recovery” here.

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